Calculator - the higher the quality of the stretch-film, the lower the cost?

This is true, if applied with the correct machine.

Fromm “FS39x series“ can prestretch the film 400%!

But we must be aware. If we say pre-stretch 400%, this is not a constant value, this value varies a little during bottom, upward, top and descending wraps in a range between 350% to 440%, depending on the value of set tension. So we can’t say exactly 1 meter becomes 5 meter.

For the selection of the machine that meets your needs, it's good to calculate first the consumption and the costs of film.

With our table you can calculate
          the consumption of film on one pallet
          potential annual savings when you decide to use a machine with a possibility of high pre-stretch
          if you need additional data, please contact our technicians.

Plese enter your data and compare

         Wrapping Europalet (80 x 120 x 180 cm)
         Film LLDPE (widht 50 cm, thickness 20 my)
         Wrapping UP / DOWN, 14 cycles (2 down, 5 upwards, 5 downwards and 2 down)

Your data FROMM FS390
Width (cm) 40
Thickness (my) 18
Density 0,900
Consumption per 1 pallet
Number of cycle 2
Prestretch (%) 400
Consumption (m) 7 7
Consumption (g) 47 47
Consumption per year
Number of pallets 100
Foil price (EUR/kg) 1,90
Amount (kg) 15 15
Costs (EUR) 15 15
Film saving per year kg EUR %
0 0 0 %

Fromm wrapping machines - Pre-stretch film