FV / FR / FS - how to choose the right machine?

FV              are suitable for horizontal wrapping, eg. timbers, profiles, doors, windows, metal panels, blinds, bed bases, …    more

FR              is particularly suitable for customers who need to wrap a wide range of large, fragile, bulky pallets or for situations  
                    where stretch wrapping takes place in various locations.                                                                                                     more

FS5         for customers who need wrap very heavy, very light or unstable loads, where a rotating turntable machine is  
                    inappropriate, or if it is difficult to move the pallets with trans pallet or forklift truck                                                           more 

FS1/FS3  are very variable, when configuring your machine, you can combine different sizes and types of individual parts
                    (not all combinations are possible).   

                    TURNTABLES                                                           OPERATING PANELS                  
                    COLUMNS                                                                  OPTIONS                                                                 
                    CARRIAGES                                                               POWER SUPPLY 


   Selecting  table and  column

    You must know
            *    The size of goods, including the pallet (W x L x H)
            *     Weight   
            *     Method of handling – access ramp / installation into the floor / turntable with a cut / extension of the base  

    Think if you need other options     
             *    Motor with a shock absorber?                                            
             *    Toppress (upper pressure / goods stabilization)?
             *    Integrated weight?
             *    Cutting unit?                                                                                                                                                              

   Selecting  CARRIAGE (stretch unit)  

    Do not forget     
            *    This depends on the number of pallets to be wrapped!                        
            *    Cheap machines may pre-stretch the film up to 50 % (then the film narrows).                                      
            *    300 % pre-stretch, for example, means that 1 m creates 4 m (not 3 m).
            *     How strong are your goods? Do they withstand 400 % prestretch?                 

           Decisive questions are     
                *     Is it better for me to have a simple machine with the possibility of pre-stretching the film not too much?
                *     Or a powerful machine which pre-stretches the film up to 400 %?           
                *    The price difference between the two machines is about € 2,500!            
                *     Film with 300 % - 400 % pre-stretching is more expensive!
                *     From what amount of wrapped pallets does this investment pay off?

                                          Let’s calculate the consumption of the film for wrapping one Europallet (80 x 120 x 180 cm)         
                                               Film consumption:       56m=14 cyc x 4m  (2 down, 5 upwards, 5 downwards, and 2 down)  

      prestretch 50% prestretch 350%  
        price   €  /  roll 22.88 33.28  
        price   €  /  m 0.0161 0.0220  
        meters /  roll 1'422 1'512  
        prestretch % 50 350  
        consumption m / pallet 37.33 12.44  
        price:   1  pallet 0.60 0.27 0.33
                   7500  pallet 4'505 2'053 2'452

The price difference between the simple (cheap) machine and the high performance machine is eliminated on wrapping  7'500 pallets (e.g. 25 pallets / 300 working days).  From this amount on you are saving!!!!!   We have used the values of our stretch film. We will be pleased to help you with your calculation or look at our calculator.


    Selecting operating panel    

OP1                            1  automatic program
                                      fixed set,  is suitable if your pallets are always of the same size.

OP2 / OP2 AWP    6 to 12 programs
                                     enable you to change wrapping types and table andcarriage speeds, select upper/lower wraps, and set stretch.
                                     You can select the initial wrapping height or use automatic height  detection by the photoelectric cell and set the exact
                                      stop position, slow start and slow stop of  the turntable,etc.

OP3                     30 automatic programms
                            is a Rolls Royce among the OPs. The integrated graphic LCD control panel with a security code, touch buttons and
                                     easy-to-understand displayed symbols for the  settings