4SFW FROMM Strappers - StretchFilm Wrappers

The alternative to manual strapping and stretchwrapping: The FROMM 4SFW Strapper / Wrapping solution is the ergonomic solution for those clients suffering a lack of space, and having a constant flow of pallets, which have to be strapped and / or stretchwrapped. The unique concept of this machine offers you both “semi” automatic solutions in one half automatic machine. For the user who simply needs to strap and wrap pallets quickly, consistently at an affordable price, not yet ready to implement a fully automatic packaging system. Extra emphasis was placed during the design stage on safety and reliability. The machine is designed to cope with a high workload. The use of carefully selected components, keeps easy maintenance to a minimum.


Machine details

Photocell for pallet height detection

Speed controlled by frequency inverter

Film overlap can be regulated

Easy loading of the pallet, also with trans pallet

Easy operating with 1 central cabinet

Simple start of the process, pushing one button only

Strong industrial design for 3 shift operation

Sword stroke 1.700mm


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Strapping specifications:

Wrapping specifications

    • FROMM PET Head
    • Arch heigth 1.900mm
    • Pallets / Product 1.200 x 800 x 1.800mm, Incl. pallet
    • Cross strapping 2 x 2 / 2 x 0
    • Pattern 500 x 500mm
    • Pneumatic head movement, max 750mm
    • End of strap indication on OP
    • Stand. PET coils, for strap from 12,5 to 32mm
    • PET automatic grade
    • Packaging sequence selectable
  •  Ø1.650mm turning table, chain driven
  •  Loading capacity 2.000kg;
  •  Rotation speed controlled by frequency inverter
  •  Exact rotation stop
  •  30 Automatic programs, parameters adjustable
  •  2 motor power pre-stretch system
  •  Easy & fast film coil loading
  •  Core Ø76mm, film thickness from 9 to 35my
  •  Film width 500mm, transparant or colored

 Machine options

4SFW - FROMM ovinovací / páskovací stroj

    • Wider, longer & higher pallets on demand
    • Strapping patern 450mm or 650mm
    • Moving machine, to enlarge strap pattern
    • Light pack detection
    • Emergeny lights
    • Jumbo PET coil
    • Film cutting device
    • Remote control
    • Pit option
    • Loading ramp
    • Scale unit
    • Horse shoe table front loading


 Power supply

    •  230 Volt, 50/60Hz, 1,7kW, 7,3A
    •  Working conditions + 50 up to + 450C;
    •  Air connection 6 Bar, 50Nl / Cycle



 Ask your FROMM representative for more information about the FROMM Strappers/Stretchfilm wrappers and all other FROMM products!

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