The two-motor pre-stretch unit enables to pre-stretch the film by more than 400 % - 1 meter of film becoms 5 meters lenght. The one-motor pre-stretch unit enables to pre-stretch the film up to 300% depending on the gear set. The microprocessor-controlled control panel with touch function can be used to set the wrapping program as desired. An easy-to-use machine with flexible wrapping programs.


Brief list of benefits 

Easy to operate and extremely flexible  wrapping programs make this machine  suitable for almost all  pallet formats and  loads imaginable

Wrapping can even start at turntable level (automatically adjustable)

Thanks to the FROMM Ultra-Fast changing system, changing the film roll within several seconds is a piece of cake. Open the door, remove the empty roll, place the new roll, close the door and off you go

The 2-Motor pre-stretch unit makes it possible to realize more than 400% pre-stretch (1 metre becomes 5 metres)

The one-motor pre-stretch unit enables to pre-stretch the film up to 300% depending on the gear set. 

Using the easy to operate control panel, it is possible to set up  any wrapping  program you wish

By blocking these settings through a password, ensures that every type of pallet is wrapped in the most economical manner again and again

Adjustable pallet foot program for extra fixation of goods on the pallet

Adjustable banderol program for extra fixation  of goods on different heights

Low-maintenance machine with the usual high  FROMM quality

The design fully complies with all current European quality and safety standards


VIDEO        FROMM FS39x - Leaflet       FROMM FS390x - Datasheet


Column                       height:     2.250 / 2.500 / 2.800 / 3.050 mm                            
                                          Hinged column diagonal fixed, easy installation, space saving solution  (FROMM PATENT);                                                                   more                   


Turntable              Strong rigid structure, maintenance-free chain drive, easy adjustment of the chain tension,
                                         short basic length to save space  
                                         Carriage speed                              0.08 m / sec
                                         Rotation speed                               controlled by a frequency converter                                           
                                         Start – stop                                       Soft start and return to the zero position                                           
                                         Initial wrapping height                   Settable                                           
                                         Lower wrapping                              Settable at the table level                                           
                                         Noise                                                 < 80 dB with cast film                                         
                                         Motor                                                 Fixed transmission with the zero position 

Fromm ovijeci stroje - disky 
  Cantilever on synthetic rollers 12-16x;
Turntable Ø mm Laod capacity kg Graphic OP3   Carriage  
 C6, C7
Motor Scale with Display 
1.500 1.500  y with shock absorber
1.650 2.000 y y with shock absorber opt
1.800 2.000 y y  with shock absorber opt
2.200 2.000 y y with shock absorber n
 Fromm ovijeci stroje - disky    Turntable movement by two vulcanised rolls with pressure regulation;
cantilever on synthetic rollers 10x;   
Turntable Ø mm Load capacity kg Graphic OP3    Carriage     C6, C7 Motor Scale with Display 
1.650 (loadind side left) 1.250 y y standard n
1.650 (loading front ) 1.250 y y standard n
1.650 (loadind side right) 1.250 y y standard n


Control panel                 OP3         30 automatic programs
                                                                         An integrated graphic LCD control panel with a security code, touch buttons,
                                                                         and easy-to-understand displayed symbols for the following settings                                                                                 more   

Carriages                          C6         Pre-stretching by one motor:  150% - 200 % - 250 % – 300 %
                                                       C7         Pre-stretching by two motors: 100 % – 400 %                                                                                                                           more


POWER SUPPLY                    230 Volt, 50/60Hz, 1kW, 10A

CONDITIONS OF WORK     od +5 do +30 °C   


The extremely completely equipped standard version includes the following

Fromm FS390 : Column with control panel

Soft start and soft stop in 0 position
Audio signal at start of wrap cycle
Adjustable bottom wraps
Fromm wrapping machine FS39xx - Control Panel OP3Adjustable top wraps
Photo-electric cell for automatic height detection
Adjustable (frequency-controlled) turntable speed
Adjustable (frequency-controlled) upward/downward speed of the film carriage
Adjustable (frequency-controlled) first/second  pre-stretch motor
Counter for number of wrapped pallets per program
Counter for metres of used stretch film per program
Counter for meters of used stretch film in  manual mode
Counter for total number of wrapped pallets  for maintenance purposes
Fromm FS39: Carriage C7, pre-stretching by two motorsEasy to operate integrated touch button control panel, based on microprocessor, for  adjustment of parameters and previously set  wrapping programs
Graphic display, with icons for an easy functions learning
Zero position at 90, 180 or 270 degrees
Hinged column diagonal fixed, easy installation, space saving solution (FROMM PATENT)
Belt driven carriage with safety system to prevent accidental falling
Space saving with horseshoe turntable
Horseshoe turntable makes loading with a hand pallet truck easy, especially where floor space is limited
As standard is equipped with photoelectric cell for dark objects and dark film

LOW WRAPPING at the level of turntable.
Lowest position of carriage is easly adjustable. Wrapping can even start at the level of the turntable. In this case the pallet is fully wrapped with the product at the same time. The design fully meets all current European standards of quality and safety, including CE.  




Loading ramps (also for electrical fork lift)
Integrated scale unit
Frame for submerged floor mounting
Toppress (upper pressur / stabilisation) motorized
Film cutting unit
Trolly guide profiles turntable

Fromm wrapping machines -  FS390 - Access ramp Fromm wrapping machines - FS390  - Loading ramp Fromm wrapping machines - integrated scale unit Fromm wrapping machines - Frame for submerged floor mounting
Fromm wrapping machines - Toppress (stabilisation) motorised Fromm wrapping machines - film cutter Fromm wrapping machines - Trolly guide profiles turntable   Fromm wrapping machines - top sheep


Packing Dimensions mm 

Turntable length width     height max kg
Ø 1.500   900 1.200     2200/2500/2800/3200 1.350
Ø 1.650 1.100 1.200     2200/2500/2800/3200 2.000
Ø 1.800 1.250 1.200     2200/2500/2800/3200 2.000
Ø 2.200 1.500  1.600     2200/2500/2800/3200 2.000
Ø 1.650 HS "Horseshoe" 1.100 1.200     2200/2500/2800 1.250
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