These wrapping machines at a favourable price are very easy to control and widely applicable. All machines are designed to handle heavy workload. Special emphasis was put on safety and reliability at the design stage. The use of carefully selected components results in the minimum maintenance requirements of these wrapping machines.

FS3xx serie wrapping machine


Brief list of benefits

Suitable for different pallet heights
Various sizes of tables available
The «horseshoe» table saves space
Three control panels are available
Parameters, e.g. lower/upper wrapping 
Easy to control. Start the machine ant it will do the work
Various film carriages / stretching systems
Two frequency converters for carriage and table movements
The machine can be moved in a very simple way
Plug and play easy to install
The machine is made in Europe, CE certification  

FROMM FS3xx - Datasheet    

FROMM FS3xx Leaflet

Fromm wrapping maschine FS3xx - video VIDEO


ColumnS             High :     2.200  /  2.500  /  2.800  /  3.200  mm                                         
                                       The column location is offset (mounted slightly to the side) for easier  transport (it takes up less space; smaller pallet).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        more       


TURNTABLE            Strong rigid structure, maintenance-free chain drive, and short basic length to save space   
                                        Rotation speed                                       controlled by a frequency converter
                                        Start – stop                                               Soft start and return to the zero position                                        
                                        Lower wrapping                                      Settable at the table level
                                        Noise                                                         < 80 dB with cast film
                                        Motor group                                             Fixed transmission with the zero position 

FROMM disk     Cantilever on synthetic rollers 12-16x;
Turntable Ø mm Load capacity kg  OP1, OP2,
C0, C1, C2, C4
Motor   Scale with Display  
1.500 1.350 y y standard n
1.650 2.000 y y standard opt
1.800 2.000 y y only with shock absorber opt
2.200 2.000 y y only with shock absorber n
Fromm podkova
Turntable movement by two vulcanised rolls with pressure regulation;
cantilever on synthetic rollers 10x;   
Turntable Ø mm Load capacity kg OP1, OP2,
C0, C1, C2, C4
Motor Scale with Display 
1.650  (loadind side left) 1.250 y y standard n
1.650 (loading front ) 1.250 y y standard n
1.650 (loadind side right) 1.250 y y standard n


CONTROL PANELS        OP1                1 fixed set automatic program  + manual mode (FS31x)
                                                 OP2                1 + 6 automatic programs , fixed up/down + 1 programm to be selected between 6 (FS33x)
                                                 OP2 AWP     12 automatic programs (FS35x)                                                                                                                                                 more         


Carriages                  C0              Mechanical brake - core tension
                                                        Basic stretching. The carriage is designed in specific to apply the so called PRE-STRETCHED film. Carriage allows
                                                                           stretching, but can not prestretch the film. The film is tensioned between carriage and pallet.Tension “stretch” is  
                                                        between 0 and 50% depending on film quality. It can be controlled by the lever and by the wheel that makes more or less  
                                                                           tension.  Is highly suited to be used by smaller-scale film users.    
                                                 C1              Mechanical brake - roll tension
                                                                           Tension over auxliary rolles. The film is stretched over the roller the stretching force can be set using wheel and secured using
                                                                           the lever. Pre-stretch from approx. 0 to 80% depending on film quality. The stretch of film is uniform.                                           
                                                  C2                    Mechanical brake - rolles pre-stretch   
                                                                           The film is stretched over the roller and the stretching force can be set using the wheel and secured using the lever.
                                                                           Stretch from  0 to 100% depending on film quality.  
                                                  C4                    Electromagnetic tension 
                                                                           Tension over a roller. Stretch can be set manually - smoother setting. The stretch of the film is set using the potentiometer
                                                                            and can reach 100%.  

Safety:  The carriage has a bottom plate connected with the sensor. When carriage moves down and the rate touches something (leg, shoulder,whatever) , switch
will be  activated and carriage begins to move  up. Carriage is suspended on a chain.                                                                                                                           more


POWER SUPPLY                                      230 Volt, 50/60Hz, 1kW, 10A

CONDITIONS OF WORK                       od +5 do +30 °C   



Loading ramps (also for electrical fork lift) 
Motor with shock absorber
Integrated scale unit
Photoelectric cell for dark objects and dark film
Frame for submerged floor mounting (Pit option)
Toppress (upper pressur / stabilisation) motorized
Trolly guide profiles turntable

Fromm wrapping machines - FS3xx - Loading ramps  Fromm wrapping machines - FS3xx - Access ramp Fromm wrapping machines - FS3xx - Frame for submerged floor mounting Fromm wrapping machines - FS3xx - Motor with shock absorber
fromm wrapping machines - FS3xx - Integrated scale unit Fromm wrapping machines - FS3xx - Trolly guide profiles turntable  Fromm wrapping machines - FS3xx - Toppress (upper pressur / stabilisation) motorized Fromm : FILM CLAMP 



Conventional LDPE film with a minimum thickness 9 my
Pre-stretch film 9-12 my, max. 35my
Max. coil diameter 250 mm
Core diameter 76 mm
Film Thickness 9 - 35my
Film widht 500 mm


Packing Dimensions mm 

Turntable lenght  width         height max kg
Ø 1.500     900 1.200     2200/2500/2800/3200 1.350
Ø 1.650   1.100 1.200     2200/2500/2800/3200 2.000
Ø 1.800  1.250 1.200     2200/2500/2800/3200 2.000
Ø 2.200 1.500  1.600     2200/2500/2800/3200 2.000
     Ø 1.650 HS "Horseshoe" 1.100 1.200     2200/2500/2800 1.250
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