Orbital film wrapping machine serie FV3XX

Fromm offers  semi-automatic and automatic orbital wrapping machines.

Horizontal system: The film is applied vertically, the product moves horizontal.

Orbital wrapping machines FV300 and FV350


FV300:Semiautomatic orbital wrapper  with operator

Available with a diameter of 50, 90, 125, 160, 200, 250 cm.

Designed for packaging: moldings, aluminum profiles, tubes, blinds, shelves, kit furniture

FV350:Automatic orbital wrapper without operator

Available with a diameter of 50, 90, 125, 160, 200, 250 cm.

Designed for packaging: furniture, doors, modules, boards, windows and bulky products.

For automatic production lines or high productions.

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         Fromm   FV300-50 Fromm FV300 Fromm FV300
         Fromm   FV300-90 Fromm FV350 Fromm FV350
         Fromm   FV350-50  


 FROMM  FV3xx  -   Choose the right model and diameter for your needs  


FROMM  FV300 = Semiautomatic orbital wrapper (with operator)

Why to use an orbital wrapper?                    
  1. To group products
  2. To protect goods during transport and storage
  3. To Improve products presentation
  4. To protect from dirt, dust, scratches, theft and humidity
  5. To speed up packaging process                                                                                                                                                    
  1. Low packaging costFROMM -orbital wrapping automatic machine  FV350
  2. Less time in packaging process
  3. Packaging unification, just one type of stretchfilm for all products
  4. Wraps products of various lengths, diameters and shapes without any modifications
  5. Total product visibility as to have a better control on it
  6. The lowest energy consumption  and low maintenance
  7. CE certified
  8. Proven quality with competitive price      
  9. Easy operation, easy maintenance                                      
Basic equipment for FV300    
  • Original double reel systemFROMM FV3xx - Infeed and outfeed conveyorsFROMM FV3xx - Top and side pressersFROMM FV3xx - adjustable stretch
  • Double cutting system
  • Safety foot switch
  • Ring speed control
  • Automatic film cutter and clamp
Basic equipment for FV350 
  • Original double reel systemFROMM FV3xx - Řídící zařízeníFROMM FV3xx - Řídící panelFROMM FV3xx - Operating panel
  • Double cutting system
  • Touch panel
  • Photocell
  • Ring speed control 
  • Automatic film cutter and clamp
Optional - choose, if you need, among a wide range 
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyorsFROMM FV350 - Short product bridgeFROMM FV3xx -  Double cutting system  FROMM FV3xx  Double cutter system
  • Top pressers
  • Side pressers
  • Short products bridge
  • Bubble wrap dispenser
  • Casters with brake
  • .... …
Technical arguments

Double reel system (standard at all models)                                  

faster wrapping                                                                       care the product

            FROMM FV3xx: Double reel system, faster (standard at all models).             balanced productFROMM FV3xx -Care the product  no balanced product (moves & jumps)     

Five packaging possibilities  - different wrapping combinations film + printed film + color film + paper

FROMM FV3xx - Five packaging possibilities

Maximl autonomy

From 1.210 m/autonomy to 3.000 meters/autonomy (2 reels and more meters) 250% more than others

       Fromm - FV3xx orbital wrapping machines -Maximum autonomy machine


FV300  - semiautomatic
FV350 - automatic 
Product number  Model   Diameter cm Product number Model Diameter cm
 31.3001 FV300/50 50 31.3011 FV350/50 50
 31.3002 FV300/90 90 31.3012  FV350/90  90 
 31.3003 FV300/125 125 31.3013  FV350/125  125 
 31.3004 FV300/160 160 31.3014  FV350/160  160 
 31.3005 FV300/200 200 31.3015  FV350/200  200 
 31.3006 FV300/250 250 31.3016  FV350/250  250 


Examples of use - Main applications

FR0MM FV3xx - Doors     FROMM FV3xx - Bed Bases      FROMM FV3xx - Blinds      Fromm FV3xx - Application: Fabric rolls / carpets      FROMM FV3xx - Window frames


FROMM FV3xx - Pipes     FROMM FV3xx - Steel bars     FROMM FV3xx - wooden slats      FROMM FV3xx - coils       FROMM FV3xx - TyresFROMM FV3xx - pneumatiky

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